Your Broken Pieces

Picking the pieces of your scattered heart Some too broken to be mended, guess i have to get some new parts This ones from a different piece, its taken after my own heart But Id do anything for you to be whole again Leave a gaping hole in my chest so you can smile again [...]


The Loner Boy Chapter 5

Chapter 5- Walking home “Come on.” Called Lara impatiently. Twisting her neck to look at the boy behind her. Luce just as usual, did not answer her or listen to her demand, as he walked at the same slow paced. Lara sighed, turning back towards the irritating loner. Forcefully grabbing his hand and towing him towards [...]

The Loner Boy Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Lunch? A few days have passed since the incident and Lara could be seen trailing behind the loner boy. Weird rumours circled around the school, some of them down right ridiculous. One rumour mention that the loner boy has dirt on Lara and is using it against her. But still, for, Lara, who has never [...]

The Loner Boy Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Fallen “Lara… Lara... LARA!!” shouts Maria, as she tries to pry the sobbing blonde girl off the loner’s body. “What’s wrong?” she asked, still trying to get her friend to let go. But no matter what she tried, Lara would not listen and tightened her hold onto the boy. All of the students [...]