The Loner Boy Chapter 5

Chapter 5- Walking home

“Come on.” Called Lara impatiently. Twisting her neck to look at the boy behind her. Luce just as usual, did not answer her or listen to her demand, as he walked at the same slow paced.

Lara sighed, turning back towards the irritating loner. Forcefully grabbing his hand and towing him towards her intended destination.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon and school has just recently finished. The sun was still up in the sky shining brightly, so Lara decided that it would be the perfect time to bring Luce, to the river bank.

She goes there sometimes to relax, or to entertain herself by watching the little fishes swim and play with each other or by throwing small stones across the lake, trying to skip it on top of the water.
Luce made a grumbling noise, clearly displeased by the sudden physical contact. Lara noticed his discontentment, but she was too annoyed to care at the moment.

Finally arriving at the lake. Lara chooses a spot along the green grass, close to the river and plop down there things. She helped Luce, take off his black rucksack and settled it down on the floor along with her scarlet purse.
They both sat down, looking down at the shimmering lake. The rays of the sun, settled on top of the water, making it flutter to life.

Lara smiled as a relaxing breeze settled nearby. Countering the attack of the sun rays, allowing them to enjoy the view in comfort.
Lara sighed in content, as she draws circles in the water with her index finger.

The movement of her hands, was lazy and without direction.

The small fishes that are swimming nearby was startled by the sudden disturbance of the water and swam off to safety.
Luce looked at Lara in wonder. He stifled a small smile, hidden by his unnaturally messy hair.

The relaxing atmosphere, accompanied with the gentle breeze made Luce feel very tired. He stifled a yawn and laid his head gently on the soft green grass. The smell of nature invaded his senses.

He sighed softly while closing his eyes and soon drifted off to sleep.

Turning around, Lara noticed Luce was lying down on the bed of grass.

She wasn’t sure if he was asleep or simply resting, but did not stop her from scooting closer towards him.

Hesitantly, she raised her hand, hoping to feel his face. An urge to scoot behind him and sleep while coiling her arms around him, came over her.

She slapped herself mentally, berating herself.

The wind brushed a tiny bit of his hair, uncovering his soft pink lips.

Lara found herself transfixed at the view.

‘I wonder how soft they feel on my lips.’ Wondered Lara.

Finding herself with another inappropriate thought, she tore herself away from Luce’s expose lips.

Unfortunately,she found herself again, staring at them. Softly she traced a finger over them. Feeling the desirable flesh.
‘This is getting dangerous.’ She thought. ‘I need to distract myself, or I might end up unconsciously attacking him.’
She shook him lightly on the shoulder.

“Luce wake up.” She said softly.

“Come on. I’ll teach you how to skip pebbles.” She urged.

Luce moan lightly, turning on his back, facing away from her annoying nagging.

“This isn’t working.” Lara sighed. Looking up at the sky, she yawned and decided to just curl up next to him.

Soon, they both fell asleep at the green meadow near the river bank.


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