The Loner Boy Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Lunch?

A few days have passed since the incident and Lara could be seen trailing behind the loner boy. Weird rumours circled around the school, some of them down right ridiculous.

One rumour mention that the loner boy has dirt on Lara and is using it against her.

But still, for, Lara, who has never thought of the invisible pressure that came with her popularity, for the first time felt free. ‘I didn’t expect it to feel this good to be free from social pressures.’ Thought Lara, her face showing a carefree smile.

She has been following him for a few days now, but the loner boy still hasn’t uttered a single word to her. She tried speaking to him, but all she get is a silent treatment. Honestly, it was beginning to piss her off.

‘Think you’re too good for me?’ thought Lara angrily, her teeth grit in sheer frustration.

The loner boy suddenly stopped walking, he plops down on a bench while resting his hand on the table, overlooking the fields in front of them, where groups of people were playing football.

Ever since that incident in the classroom, the loner boy has stopped going to the Lunch hall.
‘He was probably getting harassed. And all of this happened because of me.’ The thought saddened Lara. ‘I’m going to make up for it by being his first friend at school’ Lara decided.

“Hey, you! Tell me your name, I don’t like having to call you ‘you’. “Demanded Lara with a stern voice, her eyes fixated in his hair covered face “It’s annoying and rude. Tell me your name or I’ll give you a name.” Lara threatened lightly. Tone signifying that she’s not taking no for an answer.

She lightly huffs defiantly, showing hints of her stubborn personality.

The loner boy simply looked in her direction and said nothing.

Lara snarled slightly. ‘The nerve of this guy.’

“Okay… okay… so this is the game we’re playing.” Said Lara with a smile, but her eyes fierce and unrelenting. She fixed a stare at the loner boy and gave him her sweetest smile.

“From now on. I’ll call you Luce.” Decided Laura, somewhat proud of herself. The loner boy who was now called Luce, simply gave her a blank stare.

Luce then pointed a finger at her. “You…. Annoying… Leave.” He said in broken sentences. His silvery voice, pleasant to the ears.

Lara heard the pleasant ring of his voice, this caused Lara to be too dumb-stricken to speak. ‘He finally spoke to me’ this caused her to smile. ‘Albeit he finds me annoying, but still, we’re making progress. He finally acknowledges, I exist.’ This caused Lara to frown a bit but still progress was progress. At least she wasn’t treated as air anymore.

“No, I will not leave.” Huff Lara loudly. Her defiant nature now in full swing.

After her answer, Luce simply turned his head towards the field again; back to ignoring Lara.
Having had enough of his antics, Lara decided to poke his face. But all she could feel was his silky mess of a hair, trailing down his soft creamy skin.

“Hey! Hey!” Lara nudged softly, voice somewhat whiny. “Where’s your lunch? How come I never see you eat. I’ve been with you most of the time this past few days.” Questioned Lara.

Seeing that she wasn’t getting an answer. She simply huffed. “Fine then, be like that.”
Lara opened her cute scarlet purse and took out her lunch. The wooden table has now two caramel pudding, a small box of pasta and a banana on top of it.

The blonde girl focused her attention on the food that’s in front of her. Especially the two deserts.
Lara ate the pasta first, eyes now facing forwards towards the green field, filled with sweaty boys, playing an uncoordinated game of football.

She glanced beside her, at the quiet boy.

“Do you want some of my lunch?” she suddenly blurted out.

Luce shook his head, indicating no. But his sudden, immediate response caused Lara’s heart to tighten with glee.
Lara felt content. Their relation was no longer as weird or as awkward as before. Almost as if both of them were slowly getting used to each other’s presence.

A gentle breeze ruffled Lara’s long blonde hair lightly. She sighed blissfully enjoying the cooling breeze.


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