Surrounded by darkness. The hollowed out husk, peered into the never ending darkness.

The hollow, as it named itself. Stood still, facing the same direction. Its face was just a blot of darkness.

No other feature could be seen except the outlines of its mangled body.

There it stood. Yet not knowing why?

It racked its head for what seemed like a millionth time. The same questions running through its head.

Not knowing its purpose or reasong for existing. It wandered alone for a millenia.

Suddenly a spark of light filled its vision.

It was only a tiny little thing. But it was brighter than anything it has seen before.

It reach out slowly, its hands wrapped in utter blackness.

There was a new feeling.


That is curious. It has never felt anything like that before.

Unconciously its legs proppelled its forward. Moving towards the tiny sparkle of light in the infinite darkness.

Finally standing on the precipise of its destination.

The first goal that it a hollow has first accomplish.

It reached out.

Then his vision blurred as it could feel himself being sucked it and transported into a new unknown.


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