The Loner Boy

Chapter 1

“Don’t we have geography tomorrow Lara?” ask a brown haired girl called Maria.

“Yes? What about it?” said a pretty blonde girl, about sixteen years holding a caramel pudding in her hand. They were in the middle of a massive throng of people, all eating lunch in the main hall.

“Nothing. I was just making sure. I still haven’t done the homework set by Mr. Beardsley. You know how he is about homework.” Sigh Maria while shovelling chips into her mouth.

“Tell me about it! I swear he hates me. Every time I come into his lesson. His always yelling at me.” Complained Lara. Now enjoying her caramel pudding. Her eyes roll in bliss as the pudding melts in her tongue.

“That’s probably because you never do his homework.” Snorted Maria as she laugh at her friend. Lara is a well-known tomboy all throughout the school and is famous for not doing her homework. Although she is intelligent and somewhat borderline genius, Lara is also very lazy.

“Do you want to go cinema tonight?” ask Maria.

“Hmm. Sure I don’t mind.” Said Lara absentmindedly. All attention focus on finishing her delicious caramel pudding.

“Look! It’s that emo boy.” said Maria suddenly. Looking at the boy who was sitting across the table by himself. He is famous around school for being the number loner. As far as anyone knows, he doesn’t have a single friend at all. Which doesn’t surprise Maria at all. Just looking at him, with his hair down covering his face and the fact that he one has heard him talk, would creep anyone out.

“I wonder why he just doesn’t cut his hair.” Said Lara. Observing the lone boy sitting across the room, not eating his food.

“Have you ever seen him eat?” ask Lara, her eyes still on the boy.

“What?” said Maria giving Lara a weird face.

“I mean, I just never seen him eat. He orders the same thing every day but I haven’t seen him touch it even once.” Explain Lara.

“Whoah! I didn’t know you were interested in him. I bet all those boys wanting to be with you, will cry because you already have someone you like.” Joke Maria.

Lara rolls her eyes at her friend. “Oh please. I’m not interested in dating anyone.”

The bell chimes signalling that lunch is over.

The movie finish around 10.30 pm.

Maria is waiting to be pick up by her dad and Lara is waiting with her just outside of the cinema.

“Ah. There he is!” yawn Maria. After the excitement from the movie she found herself suddenly tired. All of her energy just dissipated.

Turning back to face Lara. “Will you be alright? I could call you a taxi if you want. You can pay me back tomorrow.” Ask Maria worriedly.

“Nah, I’m fine. Besides my house is only 20 minutes away. No need to waste money.” Answers Lara.

“Alright be careful!” said Maria as she wave her friend goodbye and got on her dads BMW.

Lara wave back with a smile and began to walk back home.

The place was deserted as most people would be in the pub drinking or at home spending time with their family.

Lara’s parents were always occupied with work that they barely come home. Lara rarely sees them anymore but she merely accepted that that’s just that way it is.

Suddenly Lara sees five teenagers walking towards her. All dress in black hoodies.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here alone at night?” they holler.

Lara did not respond and began to walk faster. Her heart was beating hard against her chest. Adrenaline kick in as her body sense danger.

“Babe! Where you going?” laugh one of the guys. As all of them block her path.

“Move.” Said Lara, her voice slightly trembling.

“Why are in such a hurry. Come chill with us for a bit. We can have a drink and have a good time.” Said a guy in a white tank top. Lara could feel his eyes roaming her body and checking out her chest.

She felt naked and uncomfortable against their intrusive stares. Her breathing turn heavy and the beating of her heart went even faster.

“No. I can’t.” said Laura, her legs shaking as she tried to go through them.

One of them grab her hand forcefully while laughing.

“You’re not going anywhere!” said the guy wearing a white tank top as he yank her back.

“HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!” Lara screamed. Her voice echoing throughout the deserted streets.

“SHUT UP!!” said one of the guys as they slap her across the face to get her to shut up.

Lara face stings in pain. Tears freely flowing down her face. Lara again tries to run but one of them trips her up. Instinctively she use her hand to protect her face from the fall. Her arms and knees now bleeding as it scrapes across the cemented floor.

“HELP!” Lara cried out again. Despair in her voice.

“Were going to have fun with you tonight.” One of them said sinisterly. He lick his lips in lust while eyeing out her plump delicate ass.

Lara simply curl up in the ground, wishing for the whole thing to be a nightmare.

Suddenly she hears cries of pain and a noise that sounded like a body smashing against a stone wall hard.

She opened her eyes, to see a boy with a long hair covering his entire face. Fighting with the five now four teenager as one of them was knock out cold.

“Isn’t that the loner?” gasp Lara in. She breathe a sigh of relief thankful that someone save her. Her jaw drop in awe, as she watch him dodge every attack thrown at him, expertly.

Her jaw drop even further as he move with inhuman speed and send all of them flying.

‘WHAT THE HELL!!!’ screams Lara to herself, she could not believe what just happened.
She look at all the hoodlums knock out on the floor in disbelief.

She turned towards her savior and smile at him.

She was about to say ‘thank you’ but he turned around and left in the opposite direction and disappeared.


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