The Loner Boy Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“NOO!!!” Lara woke up screaming. Pearls of cold sweat clung to her clothes. The traumatic events from last night still lingered in the foremost of her mind. As she looked around the room, she breathes a sigh of relief as she notices the familiar surroundings.
In the corner of her eye, she notices her dark red curtain as it flutter about.

“I must have forgotten to close the window last night.” Muttered Lara. She stifled a yawn. The red flowing curtain reminded her of the long haired loner.

“That can’t be right. There’s no way, anyone could move that fast. My mind must have been playing tricks on me.” Mumbled Lara to herself. “I still have to thank him. I’ll go find him later on and say thank you.”
Tired from the lack of sleep. She trudged out of her room, down to the kitchen to make a simple breakfast of egg and toast.
She chewed on her food absent-mindedly.

Recalling the events from last night.

“How could such thin, slender body, produce that much power. How did he know I was in trouble?” mulled Lara. Taking huge chunks of bite from her toast. While shovelling fried egg with a fork on the other hand.

“Damn it! I’m late” cursed Lara as she noticed the time. The unanswered questions in her mind, kept her distracted. Distracted enough to miss that if she doesn’t get a move on, she’ll be late for Geography.

Lara arrived at her first lesson late as she predicted. She moved to knock on the door, but hesitated. “Damn it! He’s going to tell me off harshly this time. Normally I just don’t have my homework, but now I’m also late. Hopefully I don’t get a detention.” Sighed Lara. Accepting her doomed fate at the hands of Mr. Beardsley; she knocked.

“Come in.” said a gruff voice.

Lara opened the door and tried her best to put on her most apologetic face.

“Sorry I’m late Mr. Beardsley. My alarm didn’t go off.” Apologise Lara.

“Hmm. Just go to your seat. Ask the person next to you what we’re doing. I don’t want to explain it again.” Ordered the grumpy 40 year old teacher.

“Yeah. Sorry.” Lara apologise again as she went and plop down into her seat gracefully.

Lara seat was near the front of the class. She glanced behind her, to see the loner boy, staring at the window. His seat adjacent to it.

She felt a tug on her heart. ‘What do you look like, under all that hair? Who are you? What are you?’

“Lara. Lara. LARA!”

Noticing someone saying her name, in a loud whisper voice. She turned around to meet the inquisitive eyes of her best friend Maria.

She smirked at her. “I see, so you really are interested in our class famous Loner.” Giggled Maria, slightly amused. “I saw you staring at him.”

“No! That’s not it.” Hissed Lara. Her face beginning to redden. “I was just curious what he’s looking at.” Lara protested.

“So that’s why you were staring at him, with a dreamy look instead of the window.” Teased Maria playfully.
“Whatever.” Lara said, giving up.


After Geography, Lara had to sit through two more boring lessons. Her eyes kept glancing at the ticking clock. The closer it got to lunch time, the more nervous and excited she was.

She was going to talk to him. Thank him for saving her last night. Somehow the idea of her talking to the loner makes her giddy. Not with excitement, it was mixed with fear and something else she couldn’t quite keep a finger to.

‘I wonder what people are going to say about me, if they see me talking to that loner.’ Wondered Lara. Lara has always been popular, she knows it, her best friends knows it and most of the guys know it.

She smiled wryly. ‘My reputation probably going to fall, when they see me talking to that Loner. I don’t want hordes of them questioning why I’m suddenly trying to talk to him. That would spread some weird rumours.’

‘Alright, I’ll only talk to him when I’m sure we’re alone. That way there will be no repercussions, to him and to me.’ Decided Lara. But she couldn’t help but disgusted with herself.

‘Why do I care so much about this? It’s only people talking bad behind my back.’ But Lara knew, she wouldn’t be able to take it. She felt good, when people appreciate her and flock around her.

Banishing the ugly thoughts hounding her. She got up as she heard the bell rung. Signalling that the lessons over.

As Lara was about to come out the room, somebody grabbed her hand. Its grip confident and strong. Scott, one of the hottest guy in school bravely flashed a smile at Lara and was about to ask her to eat lunch with him, when suddenly he could feel her tremble.

Her eyes glassy and daze. “NOOO! DON’T TOUCH ME!” she screamed, as she dropped curled up on the floor.

Her heart palpitating rapidly. She turns her head left and right in a frantic pace. Searching for something for someone. The scene of those teenagers, invaded her mind. Making her unable to breathe, she was suffocating.

Then suddenly her mind cleared, as her eyes locked onto a lone figure. A figure that called out to her mind. He was the one who can protect. Take away all this, anxiety and fear.

Without warning, she ran towards him, Teary eyed and clung to him for dear life.

The people watching gasped in shock as they saw Lara bury her head and latched onto the loner boy.


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